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Citycell Helpline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can dial 121 from your Citycell phone and 011 99 121 121 from any other phone to get connected to our Customer Care representatives.


Receive your monthly Bills in your e-mail through e-Bill

you can now receive your monthly Bills through e-mail. This Bill will be generated automatically by the system and will be delivered to your e-mail address immediately. Thus it will give you the option to check or refer to it whenever required, even if you have lost the printed Bill copy. It’s an ideal opportunity for you to file Bills in your computer for ready reference and record. To register for this service, please do any of the following:
E-mail with the following details:
Name:                        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Mobile Number:          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Address:                    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Alternative contact no: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
E-mail address:          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

or, Call our 24-hour Helpline at 121 (from any Citycell number) or 011 99 121 121 (from any number) and provide the details above.
or, Fill up and take a printout of the details above and courier it to the following address:
 Customer Management Unit (2nd floor), Citycell
 Khwaja Tower
 95, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212
or, Fill up and take a printout of the details above and drop it at your nearest Citycell Customer Care Point or Citycell Customer Care Centre.
As part of keeping our promise to be the country’s preferred mobile operator, we always look forward to assisting you in any possible way. Thank you for being with us.
Your information will be treated as confidential.

e top-up

Scratched off?

For all the times you've scratched off the number on the scratch card while trying to recharge your pre-paid account, here's good news! Citycell introduces e top-up, so you can now electronically and easily recharge your pre-paid account without using any scratch card.
Recharge any amount from Tk 10 to Tk 1,000 at your nearest e top-up marked outlet. Simply give the shopkeeper your Citycell number and the amount you want to recharge. You will receive a confirmation SMS as soon as your account is recharged.
Citycell One e top-up - Scratch-free smart recharge.
Recharge Validily (for Citycell One Pre-paid Customers)
Amount (Tk.)
10 - 99
100 - 299
300 or more

Citycell offers RIM Card

To make your service experience with Citycell more enjoyable, we have now introduced RIM (Removable User Identity Module) card. With the newly introduced RIM card, Citycell service is now available to you with more freedom and convenience.
Citycell RIM cards come in 32k memory capacity that gives you more space to store your data. RIM comes to you with the added benefits of:
  • Flexibility to change your handset (RIM compatible CDMA handset) whenever you like.
  • Storing your important phone numbers or SMS in the RIM card, which will be with you even when you change your handset (Portability of user profile and personal data).
  • The most secure environment for network connection and mobile e-services
Citycell users who are currently using Non-RIM handsets can activate their current number into RIM card and avail all the above-mentioned facilities. For detail information please call our 24 hour Helpline: 121 (from Citycell phone), 011 99 121 121 (from any phone)

Post-paid Bill Payment

You may choose any of the following options to pay your bills:
  1. Cash: You can also settle your bills in any of the Customer Care Centers (CCC) and Customer Care Points (CCP) located throughout 64 districts of the country. There are more than 500 CCPs which remain open 6 days a week (except Fridays), and the 6 CCCs remain open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.
  2. Cash Card: Most convenient way to pay your bill. These cards are available with all our authorized dealers or retail outlets countrywide. Cash Card can be used anytime to pay your bills using your Citycell phone from anywhere.
  3. Deposit Slip: Available at all Citycell authorized banks. You can pay your Citycell Bill or Security Deposit in cash using these deposit slips.
  4. Bill Invoice Copy: You can pay your bill at any of the Citycell authorized banks with the Bill Invoice Copy provided by Citycell.
  5. Demand Draft / Telegraphic Transfer (only from AB Bank) / Pay Order: You can also settle your bill by issuing a DD / TT / Pay Order in favor of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.
  6. HSBC Easy Pay (ATM) System: HSBC offers 24-hours Easy Pay ATM service for Citycell Customers available at five convenient locations in Dhaka (Banani, Uttara, Gulshan, Dhanmondi) & Chittagong (GEC Circle). Customers do not necessarily need to be an account holder of HSBC in order to avail this payment system.
  7. Standard Chartered Bank: If you are a Customer of Standard Chartered Bank, you can settle your bill through their ATM with your ATM card (ebbs) or Auto Bills Pay system or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Bill pay system.
  8. Eastern Bank Internet Banking: If you are a Customer of Eastern Bank Limited, simply log on to to settle your Citycell bills online.
  9. E-Cash (ATM): Electronic Transactions Network Ltd. (ETN) is currently operating and maintaining a network of 20 ATM booths all over the country. E-Cash card holders of Dhaka Bank Ltd, Islami Bank Ltd, NCC bank Ltd, Southeast Bank Ltd, Bank Asia Ltd, Social Investment bank Ltd, Agrani Bank Ltd and Bank of India Ltd. can pay their Citycell bills in these ATM booths.
  10. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL): DBBL account holder can pay their bill through ATM, internet & SMS

Please call our  24-hour Helpline: 121 (from Citycell) 01199 121 121 (form any phone) for more information.

Outbound Roaming to Bangladesh?


Citycell is now offering its post-paid customers the country's only CDMA2000 1X Global Roaming Service in more than 200 destinations and 600 operators around the world along with CDMA (Classic) Roaming Service.
What is Global Roaming Service?
Global Roaming Service enables the subscriber to use his/her own Citycell mobile number in both CDMA & GSM Foreign Operators' Networks.
What are the main features of Citycell's Global Roaming?
  • Making calls
  • Receiving calls
  • Sending SMS
  • Receiving SMS
What are the prerequisites to avail Global Roaming Service?
  • 1) The customer should be a Citycell One™ post-paid subscriber.
  • 2) IDD facility is necessary for availing International Roaming Service. Customers can avail IDD facility by depositing appropriate amount to Citycell.
  • 3) The customer must pay IR Security Deposit in US Dollar (USD) equivalent to the value of Bangladeshi Taka using International Credit Card to get IR service.
  • 4) The customer must have an International Credit Card in his/her own name that is valid and accepted by Citycell, subject to verification.
  • 5) Customer must have a new 64K Dual profile RUIM Card replacing the existing 32K RUIM card. The new 64K RUIM card will also work in local Bangladesh network and foreign CDMA network. To avail the CDMA-GSM roaming service the same 64K RUIM card need to be inserted in a GSM handset (900/1800 MHz.).
  • 6) The customer must have a RUIM compatible CDMA handset for using the RUIM in Citycell network and availing International CDMA Roaming Service. If s/he is still using a programmed handset, s/he must convert it to a RUIM based handset. The handset also needs to be OTA enabled to support Preferred Roaming List (PRL) updates in the RUIM for availing IR service in a new country.
Where can I apply for Global Roaming Service?
To avail IR service, a customer needs to contact Citycell Corporate Sales Team or Customer Care Centers in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, or Sylhet.
How much Security Deposit is needed?
For individual or corporate customer:
  • A Security Deposit in USD equivalent to the value of Tk. 15,000 is required for Bangladeshi nationals to avail IR service. There will be no other IDD deposit required for these customers.
  • Foreign nationals will have to deposit in USD equivalent to the value of Tk. 30,000 to avail IR service.
Which International Credit Cards will be accepted?
  • VISA or MasterCard International Credit Card.
What are the documents required for availing Global Roaming Service?
For individual or corporate user:
  • 1) Correctly completed and signed IR Subscription Form (available at all Citycell Customer Care Centers).
  • 2) Two copies passport-size photographs of the customer.
  • 3) Photocopy of the original Subscription Form for the Citycell connection.
  • 4) Photocopy of first seven pages of the customer's passport.
  • 5) Both-side photocopy of the International Credit Card.
  • 6) Proper authorization in the Subscription Form to Citycell to collect the Security Deposit (in USD) against the International Credit Card.
  • 7) Photocopy of Work-Permit (in case of Foreign National only).
  • 8) Proof of payment of Security Deposit in USD equivalent to Tk. 15,000 only for Bangladeshi Nationals and Tk. 30,000 only for Foreign Nationals against the authorized International Credit Card.
In case of corporate customer, the following are also additionally required:
  • 1) Proper authorization by the company authorized signatory in the Subscription Form, authorizing the user of the mobile to avail IR service and �No Objection Certificate (NOC)' by the user of the mobile phone for International Roaming, agreeing to pay the International Roaming Bills from his/her International Credit Card or from the corporate foreign currency account.
  • 2) A Foreign Currency Draft in favor of Citycell in USD equivalent to Tk. 15,000 and a letter/certificate from the draft issuing bank in Citycell's prescribed format.
What are the charging schemes for Global Roaming Services?
Initial set-up fees:
There are no initial set up fees for activating the service. As the customer is already a holder of Citycell One™ post-paid package, he/she needs to maintain only a certain sum of Security Deposit in USD with Citycell.
Monthly usage charges:
Monthly charges for using Global Roaming service will be billed in a separate invoice. Invoices will be generated based on monthly usage. The basis of charging per minute is 60 second pulse.
Migration fees:
Migration from Classic CDMA Roaming Service to Global Roaming Service will cost BDT 350.
Important IR checklist before leaving Bangladesh:
  • Call Roaming Helpline to ensure your Global Roaming Service is active.
  • Ensure your roaming deposit is sufficient for roaming.
What are the necessary steps after arriving in the visiting country?
  • 1) Insert your Global Roaming RUIM card in the GSM handset.
  • 2) Turn on the handset and wait for signal.
  • 3) Wait for a while to receive signal.
  • 4) Try several times if you don�t have the signal.
  • 5) If not, then call Roaming Helpline for assistance.
How to make calls while roaming?
  • 1) To make a call to a mobile phone of the visiting country, simply dial the desired number.
  • 2) To make a local call to a land phone (in the visiting country), dial the area code and then the subscriber's number.
  • 3) To make an international call, dial the Plus sign (+) + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number (omitting 0 as first digit).
  • 4) If you are making a call to Bangladesh from a visiting country, make an international call by dialing Plus sign (+) + 880 + Desired phone number (omitting 0 as first digit).
Please see last page for a summary of dialing patterns.
If you experience "No network signal", then check if:
  • You have Global Roaming Service activated.
  • The roaming network has coverage in that area.
  • Your handset supports the frequency band used by the roaming network.
How do I pay the Global Roaming bill?
The Global Roaming bill can be paid in the following ways:
  • By coming directly to Citycell Customer Care Centre in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, and Sylhet or by sending another person with duly signed authorization specified in the IR Subscription Form, specifying amount and month along with both-sided photocopy of the International Credit Card and Roaming bill copy.
  • By authorizing Citycell to auto-debit the actual bill amount from the customer's International Credit Card. Citycell will send the bill after debiting customer's Credit Card automatically. To enjoy auto-debit facility, Global Roaming customer needs to sign the auto-debit declaration at the time of filling out the subscription information and submit it to any of the Customer Care Centers in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Rajshahi along with a photocopy of his/her old bill copy and both-sided photocopy of International Credit Card.
To know your last IR bill: SMS "IRBill" to 7626 (ROAM on your phone keypad).
Note: Customer can pay any amount as bill, or advance at any time of the month through properly filled up and signed authorization form and both-sided photocopy of International Credit Card. Any kind of cash payment or any payment in Bangladeshi Taka for International Roaming will not be accepted.
Dedicated Roaming Helpline:

01197626464 (0119ROAMING)

Enjoy Roaming with Citycell!
Type of callsDialing Pattern
Roamer to RoamerPlus Sign (+) + Country Code + Mobile Number
Roamer to Local Landline CallsNational Destination Code + Land line Number
Roamer to Local Mobile CallsLocal Mobile Number Direct
Roamer to International CallsPlus Sign (+) + Country Code + Destination Number
Roamer to Bangladesh CallsPlus Sign (+) + Bangladesh Code + Bangladesh Number
Roamer to Local SMSLocal Mobile Number Direct
Roamer to International SMSPlus Sign (+) + Country Code + Mobile Number
Roamer to Bangladesh SMSPlus Sign (+) + Bangladesh Mobile Number Direct
Roamer to Citycell HelplinePlus Sign (+) + 880 + 1197626464 (119ROAMING)
Roamer to Local HelplineLocal Mobile / Landline / Short Number Direct.
  • 1) Outbound Roaming tariffs are subject to change without notice by the foreign operators.
  • 2) Call forwarding charges from Bangladesh to roaming country will apply in case of roaming incoming calls.
  • 3) Roaming tariffs mentioned in the website are exclusive of national and international VAT/ Tax.
  • 4) Roaming usages will be charged in US Dollars and must be paid in US Dollars.
  • 5) All this information is solely for customer convenience, and should not be treated as a contractual document. Citycell reserves the right to replace or amend the features and facilities mentioned herein at any time with a suitable alternative if necessary.
Customer Care Centers:
Head Office: Pacific Centre (Ground Floor), 14, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212, Kakrail Office: 81, Kakrail, Dhaka - 1000, Chittagong Office: BCIC Sadan (2nd Floor), 26 Agrabad C/A, Chittagong - 4202, Rajshahi Office: House # 263 (Ground Floor), Sector # 02, Uposhahor Housing Estate, Rajshahi - 6202, Khulna Office: Tayamun Center (1st Floor), 181, Khan A. Sabur Road, Khulna - 9100, Sylhet Office: Garden Tower (Ground Floor), Shahjalal Bridge Link Road, Uposhohor Point, Sylhet - 3100.

Inbound Roaming to Bangladesh

Are you planning to visit Bangladesh?

Enjoy roaming in CDMA2000 1X network with your CDMA (800MHz/1900MHz) handsets in Bangladesh with Citycell. Citycell covers all the 64 districts of Bangladesh and is the only CDMA mobile operator of the Country.
Check your mobile service operator for international roaming facilities with Citycell.
Dedicated 24/7 Customer care Hotline
Calling from outside Bangladesh: +8801197626464

Country NameOperatorService
CanadaBell MobilityVoice + SMS
CanadaTELUS CommunicationsVoice + SMS
ChinaChina UnicomVoice + SMS
Hong KongPCCW-HKT�Telephone CompanyVoice + SMS
IndiaReliance CommunicationsVoice + SMS
IndiaTATA TeleservicesVoice + SMS
JapanKDDI CorporationVoice Only
KoreaLG TelecomVoice + SMS
KoreaSK TelecomVoice + SMS
PhilippineBAYAN TelecommunicationVoice + SMS
TaiwanAsia Pacific TelecomVoice + SMS
ThailandHutchison CAT TelecomVoice + SMS
USASprint NextelVoice + SMS
USAVerizon WirelessVoice + SMS
VietnamS TelecomVoice + SMS

Procedure PowerSMS System

To register into PowerSMS System please follow the following steps:
Step: 1
Contact any Citycell Corporate Business Personnel for required SMS Quota.
Step: 2
Submit correctly completed and signed PowerSMS Subscription Form along with the PowerSMS MoU and a Pay Order/Cheque in favor of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd
Step: 3
PowerSMS Customer Admin will incorporate your details into PowerSMS System for registration. After successful registration you will have a registration confirmation email from the PowerSMS System with a User ID & password (System generated)

What are the Tariff Plans for PowerSMS Service?
Selling PlansSMS QuotaValidity (Days)Price Per SMS excluding VAT
Plan "A" (>= 5,000 SMS)5,000~14,999300.65*
Plan "B" (>= 15,000 SMS)15,000~29,999300.55*
Plan "C" (>= 30,000 SMS)30,000+60Negotiable
* 15% VAT applicable
* Registration charge BDT 1000 including VAT will be applicable for a virtual long number (one time)
* If any customer's account expires with any unused SMS then those SMS will be automatically adjusted in customer's account with new SMS Quota allocation.

What is the mode of payment?
Citycell PowerSMS service is a fully pre-paid service. The customer has to pay the package price in advance as per the defined package price with the specified number of SMS commitment. A specific SMS quota will be added to the customer's account as per the package. All payment should be in Pay Order/Cheque in favor of the Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.

Is there any registration confirmation notification from PowerSMS System?
Yes, you will receive a registration confirmation email from PowerSMS System with your User ID and Password

How can I change my password?
To change your Password please follow the below steps:
Step: 1
Open page Then login to your PowerSMS account with the User ID and Password given in the registration confirmation mail

Step: 2 Click on Change Password Option

Step: 3
Give your input as required in the below screen
Change Password
Figure: 1 Change Password
You will be notified for the password change confirmation.
How to broadcast SMS through PowerSMS System?
There are two types of broadcast a) Group broadcast b) Bulk broadcast
For Group broadcast please follow the below steps:
Step: 1
Click on Broadcast SMS then select Group Broadcast

Step: 2
Enter your predefined Group Name. Type your SMS text into SMS body field

Step: 3
Enter your broadcast Date/Time in the respective fields and Click broadcast as shown in the screen below.
Group SMS Broadcase
Figure: 2 Group SMS Broadcase
For Bulk broadcast Please follow the below steps:
Step: 1
Click on broadcast SMS then select bulk

Step: 2
Enter your broadcast date/time in the respective fields and click broadcast

Step: 3
Browse your broadcast file by clicking browse option

Step: 4
Click on upload option to upload your broadcast file as shown in the screen below.

Bulk SMS Broadcase
Figure: 3 Bulk SMS Broadcase
How can I create group?
Step: 1
Go to the Address Book option

Step: 2
Select Add Group option

Step: 3
Input the data as per below screen shot and click Add as shown in the screen below

Create Group
Figure: 4 Create Group
How can I change my group?
Step: 1
Go to the Address Book option

Step: 2
Select Show Group option

Step: 3
Select group name and click change

Step: 4
Now you can do your necessary modification (addition/deletion) and finally click Update as shown in the screen below.

Changing Group
Figure: 5 Changing Group
How can I create a CSV file for bulk broadcasting?
Step: 1
Open a excel sheet

Step: 2
Write SMS texts in the first column and number list in the second column. The SMS texts are same if you want to send the same text to all the numbers or else otherwise.

Create CSV Step 2
Figure: 6 Create CSV Step 2

Step: 3
Save the file in CSV format (CSV-Comma Delimited)
Create CSV Step 3
Figure: 7 Create CSV Step 3

Step: 4
Now the CSV file is ready to be uploaded and further usage.
Will I be able to delete any group from my group list?
Yes, you can delete your group whenever you want
Can I get any SMS delivery report?
Yes, you can get your SMS delivery report from the web interface.
For further information, please visit or call 01199121121 or email to

Citycell PowerSMS

Citycell PowerSMS is web based interface for Enterprises/Individuals enabling them to send bulk broadcast to their customers/clients. Bulk messages can be sent to all operators in Bangladesh. Basically it allows corporate clients to send text-based Short Message in bulk from the internet to multiple mobile subscribers by logging on to a URL using the assigned Username and Password.
The user is able to initiate the message submission as well as carry out self administration via the user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Citycell PowerSMS is an instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been developed for Enterprises/Individuals allowing them to send consumer promotions to the potential customers. It can be used for sending announcements, reminders, regular updates, notifications and greetings to their customer's mobile phones or even alerts to employees at their offices or in remote locations. It also allows them to track real time sales activities through web interface.
Basic Information:
  • Service Name: Bulk SMS
  • Brand Name: PowerSMS
  • Service Type: SMS Broadcast (web-based)
  • Content Type: SMS Push
  • Characters Support:160/ SMS
Key Features of Citycell PowerSMS
The key features of Citycell PowerSMS are as follows:
  • High Accessibility
    This service can be accessed from any part of the world through a very regular internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer. The customer account is secured through a password verification process.
  • Bulk Sending
    The system is capable of sending a bulk SMS as per customers' requirement in a single command. SMS can be sent in two ways-
    • Static Texts: The system is capable of storing the customer's recipient list and allows the customer to send a single text to all of them through a simple window (text box in the web site).
    • Dynamic Texts: The customer can also select to send different texts to different recipients by uploading a simple CSV file with numbers and corresponding texts in two separate columns.
  • Pre-Scheduled Sending
    Customer can define specific time of sending of the SMS. To do this, the number list along with the text and time should be made on a CSV file and uploaded into the system. However, you have to schedule your SMS broadcast within to 72 hours.
  • Sales Tracking Facility:
    Enterprises/Individuals can track their real time sales activities through web interface.
Does the account have a validity period?
Yes, PowerSMS Package has a specific validity period. At the end of that validity period, the respective numbers of SMS bought by the account holder will be void. However, if the customer purchases another package of SMS, the unused SMS from the previous package will be added automatically to the account.
Where can I apply for PowerSMS Service?
To avail PowerSMS service, a customer can directly call to Citycell Customer Care Centre (01199121121) or can send an email to

Three Party Conferencing (TPC)

Having call conference with multiple parties is now at your finger tips! Now you can call up to two (2) persons simultaneously or you can call to a third party while being in conversation in an incoming call. You can have conference both on-net and off-net numbers. To avail this service type TPC and send to 6767.
The post-paid customer gets this service by default and the pre-paid customer has to send request to avail this service.
Find the following steps to activate the Three Party Conferencing (TPC):

Find the below steps to make the Three Party Conferencing (TPC):
  • SMS Charge (Tk. 2.00 + 15% VAT = Tk. 2.30)

Call Waiting

This service will alert you about the second call while you are on the first incoming call. You can keep the first caller on hold and speak to the second caller and also return to the first caller after the conversation with the second caller.
To activate and deactivate the service, follow the steps below:
  • To activate, dial *76
  • To deactivate, dial *760

For further details, please call 121.

Call Divert/Call Forward Options

There are some moments when it is not convenient to attend the call due to many reasons like while you are in a meeting, your phone is busy, the phone is unreachable or you just do not want to be interrupted. But you would like to be notified in other number. Now you can enjoy this option by diverting/forwarding all your incoming calls to any Citycell number or to any other mobile operator number except international number.

Find the following steps to activate the Call Divert/Call Forward services:
Call Divert/Call Forward OptionsActivateCancel
Divert/ Forward All Incoming Calls (Unconditional/ Unreachable), When Busy Only, Not Answered or simple Unreachable*6801199XXXXXX*680

Pre-paid subscriber has to request first by calling at call centre or has to come to Customer Care Centre or Customer Care point to avail the service. After confirmation of service request fulfillment a pre-paid subscriber has to follow the above mentioned process.

Post-paid subscriber only follows the above mentioned process.

Please call 121 for further details.

Zoom™ Ultra Plan

Ultra Smart Plan
Ultra Smart 1Tk 299
Voice: (On-net/Off-net)150 Minutes
SMS: (On-net/off-net)100 SMS
Data: Up to 150 Kbps500 MB
Ultra Smart 2Tk 499
Voice: (On-net/Off-net)200 Minutes
SMS: (On-net/off-net)100 SMS
Data: Up to 300 Kbps500 MB
  • This bundle offer applicable for post-paid subscribers only
  • Change/de-activatation of plan will be effective from the next bill cycle only
  • Speed refer to download speeds only
  • For additional usage-
    • Voice: Tk 0.65/min(on-net and off-net)
    • SMS: Tk 0.50(on-net and off-net)
    • Data:
      • Tk. 299 plan: 0.0004/KB
      • Tk. 499 plan: 0.0005/KB
  • VAT & conditions apply

Zoom™ Ultra Package

Ultra Bundle (Modem+ Connection)
ZTE AC 2726+ Pre-Paid ConnectionTk. 2990
ZTE AC 2726+ Post-Paid ConnectionTk. 3490
Huawei EC 122+ Pre-Paid ConnectionTk. 2990
Huawei EC 122+ Post-Paid ConnectionTk. 3490
Huawei EC 167+ Pre-Paid ConnectionTk. 3390
Huawei EC 167+ Post-Paid ConnectionTk. 3890

Zoom™ Ultra

Ultra is the new and upgraded package from Zoom™ high-speed wireless internet service that runs on state-of-the-art EV-DO technology, the evolution from CDMA 1X technology. You can experience download speeds of up to 512 kbps, and the Zoom™ Ultra connection enables you to access this high-speed internet by simply connecting to your laptop or desktop computer.
Zoom™ Ultra provides never-before internet speeds on the move, and plug-and-play service through a versatile USB interface. The high speeds facilitate a superior internet browsing experience with video streaming, video surveillance, and rich media content.
Currently the Zoom™ Ultra service is available in Dhaka, Tongi, Gazipur (Konabari), Narayangonj City, Narayangonj (Fatullah, Rupganj, Kachpur), Khulna Metropolitan City, Rajshashi Metropolitan City, Chittagong Metropolitan City, Sylhet Metropoliton, Rangpur City, Bogra City, Comilla City, Cox's Bazar City, Jessore City, Jessore (Naopara Bazar) and Savar (EPZ).
Zoom™ Ultra data plans are designed to suit your specific needs.Products and devices are available at all divisional Citycell Customer Care Centers, all sadar thana Citycell Customer Care Points and retail outlets. Please visit or contact our Helpline (121 from City cell mobile and 011-99121121 from other operators) for details.

Citycell One

Citycell OneTM is a full connectivity mobile package with Economy ISD facility

 Key features

  1. Simplest mobile package in the market
  2. Best FnF call rates to other operators
  3. Attractive call rates to Citycell numbers
  4. Competitive call rates to other operators
  5. Supports high speed wireless data
  6. Full access to all Value Added Services (VAS) such as Hello Tunes etc
  7. BTCL and ISD incoming and outgoing facility


For Pre-paid users

  • All Citycell One, and Citycell One 85 subscribers can migrate to this new price plan by writing Y to 4567 SMS at free of cost.
  • 60 sec. pulse applicable.
  • Tk. 0.20 call setup charge is applicable for Citycell to Citycell, Citycell to other operator and FnF calls in first minute.
  • Upon first successful recharge of Tk. 50 scratch card subscriber will receive Tk. 25 bonus talk time and 500 on-net free SMS with 5 days validity instantly. Rest Tk. 200 will be disbursed in 4 equal installments i.e. Tk. 50 upon recharge of Tk. 100 with 5 days validity each.
  • All bonus talk time is usable for on-net calls only with Tk. 1.50/min + 15% VAT.
  • 100 MB free data will be given on activation to all new connections only with 5 days validity. To activate this offer type 100 and send to 9666 (port charge free). Subscribers must require to activate this offer before subscribing to any other data plan.
  • Free SMS can be checked through *887. Free data usage can be check by writing usage to 811.
  • All permanently disconnected subscribers will avail the Citycell One new price plan only from the commercial date onwards.
  • 15% VAT applicable in all tariff mentioned above.

For Post-paid users

  • 4 FnF numbers to other operators
  • 30 sec pulse applicable for all outgoing voice calls to other operators
  • TK. 50 monthly rent applicable

Customer Service Centers

Customer Service centers is now even closer to your doorstep. Our Customer Service Centers (CSC) are now located throughout the 61 districts of the country at thana level wherever Citycell's network is available. These Points are equipped with online Customer Care tools and capable of fulfilling any of your Customer Service requirements ensuring the same standard of service all across the country.

Internet Modem

ZTEAC 2726


  • Post-Paid BundlePre-Paid Bundle
    Tk. 3490Tk. 2990

  • Description:

  • Interface: USB 2.0

  • Convenient Plug & Play

  • Support Voice, SMS, SMS group-sending & Micro SD card support up to 8GB

  • Superior signal reception through Mobile Receive Diversity

  • Handy & portable

  • Support R-UIM

  • CDMA2000 1x RTT / CDMA2000 1x EVDO Rev. A , 800 & 1900MHz

  • Data service of up to DL 3.1Mbps/UL 1.8Mbps

  • Windows 2000/ XP/Vista/7, Mac and Linux

  • Huawei EC 122

  • Post-Paid BundlePre-Paid Bundle
    Tk. 3490Tk. 2990

  • Description:
  • Interface: USB type

  • Convenient Plug & Play

  • Support Voice, SMS & Micro SD card support up to 8GB

  • Superior signal reception through Mobile Receive Diversity

  • Handy & portable

  • Support R-UIM &amo; ROM-UIM

  • Supporting extra large phonebook

  • CDMA2000 1x RTT / CDMA2000 1x EVDO Rev.A , 800MHz

  • EVDO Rev. A data service of up to DL 3.1Mbps/UL 1.8Mbps

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac

  • Huawei EC 167

  • Post-Paid BundlePre-Paid Bundle
    Tk. 3890Tk. 3390

  • Description:
  • Interface: Rotatable USB type

  • Convenient Plug & Play

  • Support Voice, SMS & Micro SD card support up to 8GB

  • Superior signal reception through Mobile Receive Diversity

  • Handy & portable

  • Support R-UIM & ROM-UIM

  • CDMA2000 1x RTT / CDMA2000 1x EVDO Rev.A , 800MHz

  • EVDO Rev. A data service of up to DL 3.1Mbps/UL 1.8Mbps

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac

  • Ownership Structure

    Citycell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) has been converted into a Public Limited Company with effect from 28 March, 2008 in compliance with the Notification No. SEC/CMRRCD/2006-159/Admin-03/23 of Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh.
    Following lists the shareholders of the company:
    • Pacific Motors Limited
    • Pacific Traders Limited
    • Pacific Industries Limited
    • Far East Telecom Limited
    • SingTel Asia Pacific Investments Pte Ltd
    • SingTel Consultancy Pte Ltd
    • Singapore Telecom Paging Pte Ltd

    About Citycell

    Citycell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) is Bangladesh’s and South Asia’s pioneering mobile communications company and the only CDMA mobile operator in the country. Citycell is a customer-driven organization whose mission is to deliver the latest in advanced telecommunication services to Bangladesh. 
    The company offers a full array of mobile services for consumers and businesses that are focused on the unique needs of the Bangladeshi community. Citycell’s growth strategy is to integrate superior customer service, highest standards of technology and a choice of packages at affordable rates. 
    The company operates a 24-hour call centre with well trained operators to respond to customer queries. Citycell’s customer service are open 7 days a week to ensure customers can access Citycell at any convenient time.