Voice based information

Upgrade yourself with the leading national news by dialing the following numbers from you Citycell One connection. Listen to latest news updates 24 hours a day.
Dial 2010 for ATN Bangla News
Dial 2626 for Channel i news
Dial 4141 for RTV news
Dial 2021 for Ekushey TV news
Dial 2008 for Focus Bangla news

Weather Report
To get up-to-date weather forecast and peep into the today’s temperature chart just dial *122

Daily Events
What’s hot and what’s not: Get detail information on daily events of Dhaka by dialing *123
Flight Schedule
Dial *124 from your Citycell One connection to access up-to-date flight schedules and plan your trip without hassles.
Train Schedule
Want to pick up your near ones from the train but don’t know the exact arrival time? Now you can call *125 from your Citycell One connection and listen to train arrival times from wherever you are.

Daily Horoscope
Keep yourself well informed about your luck. Hook into daily horoscope and know what your destiny is planning for you, just by dialing *127

Islamic Portal
Dial *786 to know different signifiacnt islamic information.
Get the most recent updates of Cricket just by dialing 2580
Hajj Information
Keep yourself well informed about HAJJ. Just DIAL 1412 to know important Hajj information. Browsing Charge TK. 1/min (VAT applicable)

Browsing charge Hajj information (1412) Tk 1/min, other services Tk 2/min (VAT applicable)