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Outbound Roaming to Bangladesh?


Citycell is now offering its post-paid customers the country's only CDMA2000 1X Global Roaming Service in more than 200 destinations and 600 operators around the world along with CDMA (Classic) Roaming Service.
What is Global Roaming Service?
Global Roaming Service enables the subscriber to use his/her own Citycell mobile number in both CDMA & GSM Foreign Operators' Networks.
What are the main features of Citycell's Global Roaming?
  • Making calls
  • Receiving calls
  • Sending SMS
  • Receiving SMS
What are the prerequisites to avail Global Roaming Service?
  • 1) The customer should be a Citycell One™ post-paid subscriber.
  • 2) IDD facility is necessary for availing International Roaming Service. Customers can avail IDD facility by depositing appropriate amount to Citycell.
  • 3) The customer must pay IR Security Deposit in US Dollar (USD) equivalent to the value of Bangladeshi Taka using International Credit Card to get IR service.
  • 4) The customer must have an International Credit Card in his/her own name that is valid and accepted by Citycell, subject to verification.
  • 5) Customer must have a new 64K Dual profile RUIM Card replacing the existing 32K RUIM card. The new 64K RUIM card will also work in local Bangladesh network and foreign CDMA network. To avail the CDMA-GSM roaming service the same 64K RUIM card need to be inserted in a GSM handset (900/1800 MHz.).
  • 6) The customer must have a RUIM compatible CDMA handset for using the RUIM in Citycell network and availing International CDMA Roaming Service. If s/he is still using a programmed handset, s/he must convert it to a RUIM based handset. The handset also needs to be OTA enabled to support Preferred Roaming List (PRL) updates in the RUIM for availing IR service in a new country.
Where can I apply for Global Roaming Service?
To avail IR service, a customer needs to contact Citycell Corporate Sales Team or Customer Care Centers in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, or Sylhet.
How much Security Deposit is needed?
For individual or corporate customer:
  • A Security Deposit in USD equivalent to the value of Tk. 15,000 is required for Bangladeshi nationals to avail IR service. There will be no other IDD deposit required for these customers.
  • Foreign nationals will have to deposit in USD equivalent to the value of Tk. 30,000 to avail IR service.
Which International Credit Cards will be accepted?
  • VISA or MasterCard International Credit Card.
What are the documents required for availing Global Roaming Service?
For individual or corporate user:
  • 1) Correctly completed and signed IR Subscription Form (available at all Citycell Customer Care Centers).
  • 2) Two copies passport-size photographs of the customer.
  • 3) Photocopy of the original Subscription Form for the Citycell connection.
  • 4) Photocopy of first seven pages of the customer's passport.
  • 5) Both-side photocopy of the International Credit Card.
  • 6) Proper authorization in the Subscription Form to Citycell to collect the Security Deposit (in USD) against the International Credit Card.
  • 7) Photocopy of Work-Permit (in case of Foreign National only).
  • 8) Proof of payment of Security Deposit in USD equivalent to Tk. 15,000 only for Bangladeshi Nationals and Tk. 30,000 only for Foreign Nationals against the authorized International Credit Card.
In case of corporate customer, the following are also additionally required:
  • 1) Proper authorization by the company authorized signatory in the Subscription Form, authorizing the user of the mobile to avail IR service and �No Objection Certificate (NOC)' by the user of the mobile phone for International Roaming, agreeing to pay the International Roaming Bills from his/her International Credit Card or from the corporate foreign currency account.
  • 2) A Foreign Currency Draft in favor of Citycell in USD equivalent to Tk. 15,000 and a letter/certificate from the draft issuing bank in Citycell's prescribed format.
What are the charging schemes for Global Roaming Services?
Initial set-up fees:
There are no initial set up fees for activating the service. As the customer is already a holder of Citycell One™ post-paid package, he/she needs to maintain only a certain sum of Security Deposit in USD with Citycell.
Monthly usage charges:
Monthly charges for using Global Roaming service will be billed in a separate invoice. Invoices will be generated based on monthly usage. The basis of charging per minute is 60 second pulse.
Migration fees:
Migration from Classic CDMA Roaming Service to Global Roaming Service will cost BDT 350.
Important IR checklist before leaving Bangladesh:
  • Call Roaming Helpline to ensure your Global Roaming Service is active.
  • Ensure your roaming deposit is sufficient for roaming.
What are the necessary steps after arriving in the visiting country?
  • 1) Insert your Global Roaming RUIM card in the GSM handset.
  • 2) Turn on the handset and wait for signal.
  • 3) Wait for a while to receive signal.
  • 4) Try several times if you don�t have the signal.
  • 5) If not, then call Roaming Helpline for assistance.
How to make calls while roaming?
  • 1) To make a call to a mobile phone of the visiting country, simply dial the desired number.
  • 2) To make a local call to a land phone (in the visiting country), dial the area code and then the subscriber's number.
  • 3) To make an international call, dial the Plus sign (+) + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number (omitting 0 as first digit).
  • 4) If you are making a call to Bangladesh from a visiting country, make an international call by dialing Plus sign (+) + 880 + Desired phone number (omitting 0 as first digit).
Please see last page for a summary of dialing patterns.
If you experience "No network signal", then check if:
  • You have Global Roaming Service activated.
  • The roaming network has coverage in that area.
  • Your handset supports the frequency band used by the roaming network.
How do I pay the Global Roaming bill?
The Global Roaming bill can be paid in the following ways:
  • By coming directly to Citycell Customer Care Centre in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, and Sylhet or by sending another person with duly signed authorization specified in the IR Subscription Form, specifying amount and month along with both-sided photocopy of the International Credit Card and Roaming bill copy.
  • By authorizing Citycell to auto-debit the actual bill amount from the customer's International Credit Card. Citycell will send the bill after debiting customer's Credit Card automatically. To enjoy auto-debit facility, Global Roaming customer needs to sign the auto-debit declaration at the time of filling out the subscription information and submit it to any of the Customer Care Centers in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Rajshahi along with a photocopy of his/her old bill copy and both-sided photocopy of International Credit Card.
To know your last IR bill: SMS "IRBill" to 7626 (ROAM on your phone keypad).
Note: Customer can pay any amount as bill, or advance at any time of the month through properly filled up and signed authorization form and both-sided photocopy of International Credit Card. Any kind of cash payment or any payment in Bangladeshi Taka for International Roaming will not be accepted.
Dedicated Roaming Helpline:

01197626464 (0119ROAMING)

Enjoy Roaming with Citycell!
Type of callsDialing Pattern
Roamer to RoamerPlus Sign (+) + Country Code + Mobile Number
Roamer to Local Landline CallsNational Destination Code + Land line Number
Roamer to Local Mobile CallsLocal Mobile Number Direct
Roamer to International CallsPlus Sign (+) + Country Code + Destination Number
Roamer to Bangladesh CallsPlus Sign (+) + Bangladesh Code + Bangladesh Number
Roamer to Local SMSLocal Mobile Number Direct
Roamer to International SMSPlus Sign (+) + Country Code + Mobile Number
Roamer to Bangladesh SMSPlus Sign (+) + Bangladesh Mobile Number Direct
Roamer to Citycell HelplinePlus Sign (+) + 880 + 1197626464 (119ROAMING)
Roamer to Local HelplineLocal Mobile / Landline / Short Number Direct.
  • 1) Outbound Roaming tariffs are subject to change without notice by the foreign operators.
  • 2) Call forwarding charges from Bangladesh to roaming country will apply in case of roaming incoming calls.
  • 3) Roaming tariffs mentioned in the website are exclusive of national and international VAT/ Tax.
  • 4) Roaming usages will be charged in US Dollars and must be paid in US Dollars.
  • 5) All this information is solely for customer convenience, and should not be treated as a contractual document. Citycell reserves the right to replace or amend the features and facilities mentioned herein at any time with a suitable alternative if necessary.
Customer Care Centers:
Head Office: Pacific Centre (Ground Floor), 14, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212, Kakrail Office: 81, Kakrail, Dhaka - 1000, Chittagong Office: BCIC Sadan (2nd Floor), 26 Agrabad C/A, Chittagong - 4202, Rajshahi Office: House # 263 (Ground Floor), Sector # 02, Uposhahor Housing Estate, Rajshahi - 6202, Khulna Office: Tayamun Center (1st Floor), 181, Khan A. Sabur Road, Khulna - 9100, Sylhet Office: Garden Tower (Ground Floor), Shahjalal Bridge Link Road, Uposhohor Point, Sylhet - 3100.