Monday, November 1, 2010

Call Divert/Call Forward Options

There are some moments when it is not convenient to attend the call due to many reasons like while you are in a meeting, your phone is busy, the phone is unreachable or you just do not want to be interrupted. But you would like to be notified in other number. Now you can enjoy this option by diverting/forwarding all your incoming calls to any Citycell number or to any other mobile operator number except international number.

Find the following steps to activate the Call Divert/Call Forward services:
Call Divert/Call Forward OptionsActivateCancel
Divert/ Forward All Incoming Calls (Unconditional/ Unreachable), When Busy Only, Not Answered or simple Unreachable*6801199XXXXXX*680

Pre-paid subscriber has to request first by calling at call centre or has to come to Customer Care Centre or Customer Care point to avail the service. After confirmation of service request fulfillment a pre-paid subscriber has to follow the above mentioned process.

Post-paid subscriber only follows the above mentioned process.

Please call 121 for further details.