Monday, November 1, 2010

Procedure PowerSMS System

To register into PowerSMS System please follow the following steps:
Step: 1
Contact any Citycell Corporate Business Personnel for required SMS Quota.
Step: 2
Submit correctly completed and signed PowerSMS Subscription Form along with the PowerSMS MoU and a Pay Order/Cheque in favor of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd
Step: 3
PowerSMS Customer Admin will incorporate your details into PowerSMS System for registration. After successful registration you will have a registration confirmation email from the PowerSMS System with a User ID & password (System generated)

What are the Tariff Plans for PowerSMS Service?
Selling PlansSMS QuotaValidity (Days)Price Per SMS excluding VAT
Plan "A" (>= 5,000 SMS)5,000~14,999300.65*
Plan "B" (>= 15,000 SMS)15,000~29,999300.55*
Plan "C" (>= 30,000 SMS)30,000+60Negotiable
* 15% VAT applicable
* Registration charge BDT 1000 including VAT will be applicable for a virtual long number (one time)
* If any customer's account expires with any unused SMS then those SMS will be automatically adjusted in customer's account with new SMS Quota allocation.

What is the mode of payment?
Citycell PowerSMS service is a fully pre-paid service. The customer has to pay the package price in advance as per the defined package price with the specified number of SMS commitment. A specific SMS quota will be added to the customer's account as per the package. All payment should be in Pay Order/Cheque in favor of the Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.

Is there any registration confirmation notification from PowerSMS System?
Yes, you will receive a registration confirmation email from PowerSMS System with your User ID and Password

How can I change my password?
To change your Password please follow the below steps:
Step: 1
Open page Then login to your PowerSMS account with the User ID and Password given in the registration confirmation mail

Step: 2 Click on Change Password Option

Step: 3
Give your input as required in the below screen
Change Password
Figure: 1 Change Password
You will be notified for the password change confirmation.
How to broadcast SMS through PowerSMS System?
There are two types of broadcast a) Group broadcast b) Bulk broadcast
For Group broadcast please follow the below steps:
Step: 1
Click on Broadcast SMS then select Group Broadcast

Step: 2
Enter your predefined Group Name. Type your SMS text into SMS body field

Step: 3
Enter your broadcast Date/Time in the respective fields and Click broadcast as shown in the screen below.
Group SMS Broadcase
Figure: 2 Group SMS Broadcase
For Bulk broadcast Please follow the below steps:
Step: 1
Click on broadcast SMS then select bulk

Step: 2
Enter your broadcast date/time in the respective fields and click broadcast

Step: 3
Browse your broadcast file by clicking browse option

Step: 4
Click on upload option to upload your broadcast file as shown in the screen below.

Bulk SMS Broadcase
Figure: 3 Bulk SMS Broadcase
How can I create group?
Step: 1
Go to the Address Book option

Step: 2
Select Add Group option

Step: 3
Input the data as per below screen shot and click Add as shown in the screen below

Create Group
Figure: 4 Create Group
How can I change my group?
Step: 1
Go to the Address Book option

Step: 2
Select Show Group option

Step: 3
Select group name and click change

Step: 4
Now you can do your necessary modification (addition/deletion) and finally click Update as shown in the screen below.

Changing Group
Figure: 5 Changing Group
How can I create a CSV file for bulk broadcasting?
Step: 1
Open a excel sheet

Step: 2
Write SMS texts in the first column and number list in the second column. The SMS texts are same if you want to send the same text to all the numbers or else otherwise.

Create CSV Step 2
Figure: 6 Create CSV Step 2

Step: 3
Save the file in CSV format (CSV-Comma Delimited)
Create CSV Step 3
Figure: 7 Create CSV Step 3

Step: 4
Now the CSV file is ready to be uploaded and further usage.
Will I be able to delete any group from my group list?
Yes, you can delete your group whenever you want
Can I get any SMS delivery report?
Yes, you can get your SMS delivery report from the web interface.
For further information, please visit or call 01199121121 or email to